The Quel'dorei
Alliance 32
Type High Elven Guild
Races IconSmall HighElf FemaleIconSmall HighElf MaleHigh Elf
IconSmall HalfElf FemaleIconSmall HalfElf MaleHalf-elf
RP Style Medium Roleplay
Guild Leader Mellisa Flameleaf
Main Language(s) Thalassian
Secondary Language(s) Common
Faiths The Sun, Holy Light
Affiliation Dawnshore Village, Alliance
Theater of operations Azuresong Forest

Welcome to <The Quel'dorei>'s guild wikia! Here you will find all lore information about our guild and perhaps also character backstories!

What is The Quel'dorei?

The Quel'dorei is a (custom lore and High Elf/Half-elf exclusive) guild based around the village called "Dawnshore Village" which is built in the region named the "Azuresong Forest". The region lies North-East of The Ghostlands. But unlike Eversong and the Ghostlands, Azuresong is still in High Elven hands. The guild, is made by and for High Elven RPers who want to RP in a enviroment fitting for a High Elf. While the guild is not made for the purpose of becoming big and popular, we will try (eventually) to create a chain of events to make your stay in this guild fun.

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